16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Key exhibition of equipment for heating, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning - Aquatherm Almaty 2018 will open Autumn exhibition season

From September 4 to September 6 Almaty will host the 11th International Exhibition of Household and Industrial Equipment for Heating, Water Supply, Plumbing, Conditioning and Ventilation Aquatherm Almaty 2018.

This event is key and the largest industrial event for engineering equipment for heating, water supply, air conditioning and ventilation in Central Asia.

The exposition is designed to unite under its "wing" leading Kazakhstan, international manufacturers and equipment suppliers, as well as HVAC and VC industry specialists.

The authority of Aquatherm Almaty 2018 confirms participation of such key players in the industry as Aqua Calorie, Eurostandard, Itron, Iron Plast (Uponor), Geiser, Grundfos Kazakhstan, Danfoss, Youngsan Kazakhstan (Kiturami), Electrotherm, Kospel, Silo Erergy (KD Navien), Metalware, Ostendorf, Rowena, Sanel, Swallow company, Spira-Berg, Teploinvest (UNO), Top Asia Trade, Chevron Munaygas Inc., Ecolos SC, Water Energy and others.

Participants of the exhibition are preparing to present a wide range of equipment and technological solutions from 150 leading world manufacturers and suppliers from 16 countries of the world, namely: water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems, sewage and water pipes and fittings, stop valves, pumping equipment, plumbing, furniture and accessories for bathrooms, air conditioners, ventilation systems, heating implements and radiators, compressors, heat exchangers, boiler equipment, other industrial and domestic engineering equipment.

Uniqueness of the exposition in 2018 is its rich business program, which will include international conferences, seminars and presentations of novelties and innovations.

Leading experts, technical experts of large companies: manufacturers of engineering equipment and software for design of engineering systems, as well as leading enterprises for construction and design, production of products, equipment and technologies from Kazakhstan. HVAC and VC sectors will exchange experience, demonstrate application of new solutions, actual topics of the industry.

We want to make a pointed reference to 2 international engineering conferences, will be held jointly with Russian and Kazakhstan partners of ITECA.

The first conference "Innovative developments and solutions in the field of heat supply", organized with assistance of expert council of Russian industrial magazine "S.O.K" ("Plumbing., Heating, Air Conditioning." - professionals in the market of engineering development of buildings). And the conference "Modern engineering systems of high-tech buildings", organized by NP AVOK (non-commercial partnership "Engineers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat supply and construction thermal physics" (Russia)).

Within the framework of this conference, highly topical issues for Kazakhstan industry of HVAC and VC sector will be highlighted: "Energy-efficient technologies in heating, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems"; "Information buildings modeling (BIM). Software for effective design and calculation of engineering systems of buildings and structures. "

The exhibition Aquatherm Almaty 2018 is traditionally supported by the Akimat of Almaty, Energy and Municipal Administration of Akimat of Almaty, MIR RK, KAZGOR, National Association of Designers of RK, Association "Kazakhstan Su Arnasy", Association KSK, Trade Representation of Russia in RK.

To visit Aquatherm Almaty 2018, you must register on the web-site using the PROMOKOD: ATA2018ANN
Formation of exhibition exposition and business program continues.

Date: September 4 – 6, 2018
Location: Almaty, 42 Timiryazev St., KCBC “Atakent”, Pavilion 11

Details of the exhibition at www.aquatherm-almaty.kz

For participation and cooperation, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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