16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

FEEDBACK FROM Aquatherm Almaty 2022 Visitors

Rovshan Gasimzade, Green Stream:

Our company is from Azerbaijan, Baku city. We came to visit KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty exhibitions. The purpose of visiting the exhibition was to find new producers, both Russian and Kazakhstani. At the moment, we have found several potential partners from Russia, and from next month we will begin to cooperate with them. The search for Kazakhstani producers is still ongoing. With regard to the Aquatherm Almaty exhibition, we hasten to note that it is very interesting. We met our long-time partners here. Of the novelties in production, I liked the system for the design of virtual reality. I think we will take it as distributors to Azerbaijan.

Ruslan Idiatulin, KARLSKRONA LC AB LLP:

We are domestic producers of pumping equipment. The purpose of visiting the exhibition is to get acquainted with the products supplied and manufactured in our country, to consider potential partners with whom we could work, at the same time to familiarize them with our own products, to increase the number of our partners. We have successfully found useful contacts for ourselves, but we are still searching.

Victoriya Buchinskaya, VENTECO LLP:

The purpose of visiting the exhibition is to get acquainted with new suppliers, to learn some new developments that we have not yet encountered. We believe that novelties in production will be useful in our work, in installations. We have updated our knowledge in the field of engineering systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, in the field in which we work directly. Suppliers share new information quite easily, everything is very interesting. Also, we met old partners and a lot of representatives of companies with whom we will cooperate. We are visiting the exhibition for the first time, but hopefully not for the last time.

Anastasiya Levina, VENTECO LLP:

Our company is engaged in the installation of turnkey engineering systems. We came to this exhibition in order to clearly understand what we are working with, what we are buying and how it looks. Since our work is within the office and in the warehouse, we do not work with the material itself. Also, the purpose of visiting the exhibition is to find new suppliers from Europe and Russia. We found out the contacts of their distributors in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Because now, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the political situation, problems with transportation from European countries, the European Union, and China periodically appear. It is convenient when there are distributors, suppliers in Kazakhstan who are engaged in transportation. We updated the contacts of the old suppliers, and were able to find new ones. We were very satisfied with the exhibition!

Zarina Musina, TechnoNICOL-KAZAKHSTAN LLP:

We visited the exhibition today, everything is perfectly organized. We liked everything, saw a lot of familiar faces, familiar partners, met new representatives from Kazakhstan and abroad. I hope this will be the next step for fruitful cooperation and partnership with other companies.

Kudaibergen Nurlybek, TIS Kazakhstan:

Our company presents a smart home and smart home lighting system on the market. I came to visit the KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty exhibitions, because the smart home system is very extensive and is actually used at every stage of construction. This is my first time at this exhibition. In a couple of hours of visiting, I was able to find potential 3-4 companies with whom we are ready to cooperate in the near future.


FEEDBACK FROM Aquatherm Almaty 2021 Visitors

Yerkebulan Orynbasarov, Engineer, Production and Technical Department, BI Group (Kazakhstan)

Representatives of our company came to the Aquatherm Almaty Exhibition in order to find innovations that can be implemented in our projects. Of course, there is a lot to see and learn. At the exhibition we met our old partners, with whom we have been working for a long time, and met with new manufacturers, which we can invite for cooperation.

Kalkash Tazhibayeva, Director, Arsa LLP (Kazakhstan)

I try to attend Construction Exhibitions every year. This year's Aquatherm Almaty Exhibition was interesting, a lot of new solutions and a lot of products were showcased. You can find something new and useful for your industry. Our company is engaged in construction, we perform all kinds of work, today we have the prospect to expand and grow, so at the exhibition we are trying to find opportunities to go beyond, to establish new partnerships, and to buy the necessary equipment.

Artyom Litvinov, Director, KoksheService LLP (Kazakhstan)

We liked the exhibition, we have visited Aquatherm Almaty before, in previous years. After the pandemic, of course, the scale has decreased, but we found everything we were looking for at the exhibition. We were looking for suppliers of heat panels and in general for products related to heating, water supply and ventilation. There were quite a lot of products from our segment in the pavilions.

Valentina Chumachok, Assistant Director, Nova Build Group LLP (Kazakhstan)

Iteca has always organized its exhibitions at the highest level. A lot of interesting products were displayed directly from the manufacturers, because the offers at the exhibition are much more attractive in terms of price than those of resellers. We have already scheduled options for long-term cooperation, waiting for the price list and special working terms from some exhibitors. Our company undertakes turnkey construction projects, so we are interested in both KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty. Our job is to find quality products at an affordable price. We found tiles, ceramics, pipes, ventilation systems and new interior solutions here. We can safely say that our expectations from visiting exhibitions were fully met!