International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment
7-9 September 2021
Almaty, Kazakhstan


Mirlan Kadatayev - Sales Manager, Climate.

It is my first time at Aquatherm Almaty, and I am surprised with a high level of organization and the size of the exhibition. My expectations for the event came true. It was vital for me to understand the market of ventilation and conditioning. I learned a lot of useful things for the further development of our business, acquired a large number of valuable contacts and, in general, achieved all of my goals by coming to this business site.

Yelena Terentyeva - leading procurement engineer, ELTEX-service LLP

Our company and I have been attending the Aquatherm Almaty exhibition for seven consecutive years. Thanks to this event, I learn the news and offers of companies, I manage to collect a large number of new contacts. Some companies become our partners and customers. I am pleased with the results of the exhibition this year and will be happy to come again next year.

Bekdaulet Tenizbayev - Director, IE Tenizbayev

I like Aquatherm Almaty a lot. I came to get more information about the market, and I am pleased with the exhibition and organization of the event in general. I also received preliminary cooperation agreements with some companies. Our company was also invited to China to visit a plant and discuss further cooperation.

Nurzhan Iskakov - Director General, Bnif Iskakov LLP

Me and my colleague, we came to Aquatherm Almaty exhibition to find new partners. And we succeeded - we have already concluded an agreement with one of the exhibitors, and we are negotiating with others. We like very much the diversity of participants, and we noted for ourselves some innovations, new technologies, and new companies. The atmosphere of the exhibition itself is perfect. The mood of the participants shows that the exhibition is very fruitful.

Vyacheslav Somov - Sales Director, TeploRoss

Our company visits the Aquatherm Almaty exhibition for the second consecutive year. I like the exhibition, as I met and talked with those companies with which I planned. I saw at the exhibition everything I wanted. We are interested in suppliers of equipment for gas and water supply. In general, I am happy with the attendance and organization of the exhibition.

Andrey Baizhiyenov, air conditioning engineer, Mega Center Plus LLP

I visit the Aquatherm Almaty exhibition for the sixth consecutive year. The exhibition is useful for my work, as I get acquainted with the proposals of companies, with equipment that can be used in operation. Every year the exposition is replenished with new participants and offers of companies. I learn a lot of new and informative here.

Yelena Afanassyeva - interior designer

I like a lot the KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty. I come here for the eighth consecutive year. I am pleased to participate in the business program, and I think that the workshops and presentations are exciting and useful for my work. At these sites, I always learn something new, what my colleagues live with, and where the market is moving.