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7-9 September 2021
Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Water purification filters - Geyser Smart Bio, Geyser Prestige Smart, Geyser Smart Max

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Every day crystal clear and healthy water from your tap with Geyser Smart Bio filters. Thanks to the unique Aragon Smart Bio cartridge, the filter removes 100% of viruses and bacteria from the water without the use of chemicals. After filtering you can drink water without boiling!

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Geyser Smart Bio:

  • purifies water from chlorine, iron, heavy metals and other harmful impurities;
  • eliminates unpleasant odor and improves the taste of water;
  • QUICKLOCK easy cartridge change system

Geyser Prestige Smart:

We present you Geyser Prestige Smart - a membrane filter of the latest generation, which effectively combines deep water purification and convenient replacement of modules. This model is perfect for very hard and dirty water. The filter is guaranteed to remove all harmful impurities, including bacteria and viruses, and relieve you of scale for a long time. Geyser Prestige Smart is more compact and more economical than classical reverse osmosis systems. It has only replaceable modules instead of 6. The filter not only perfectly purifies water, but also takes care of your health. The Baskon unique mineralization system saturates the water with potassium, calcium and magnesium.

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New Geyser Smart Max - a scale killer. You have just cleaned the kettle and found that nasty limescale again? Enough of this! With Geyser Smart Max you will forget what scale is. Thanks to the combination of two innovative materials Aragon Max and AquaSoft, it works 6 times longer than conventional hard water filters.

Geyser Smart Max:

  • great for regions with highly mineralized water;
  • easy to install and easy to maintain: changing the filter cartridges with Quicklock system will take you less than 5 minutes;
  • works great even with low line pressure.
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