15th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Radiators, heating systems, fittings, pipe systems, heated towel rails, convectors

Radiators, heating systems, fittings, pipe systems, heated towel rails, convectors

The main focus of FINN LOG HOUSES is the sale and construction of houses made of glued beams produced by KONTIO Finland. To date, we have built and commissioned two cottage towns on Lake Shchuchye in Borovoye with all the infrastructure. Purmo heating systems were used at these facilities. The management and employees of the company have 20 years of experience in wooden housing construction, construction of residential and industrial facilities. The company has its own equipment, a mobile town for builders.

Purmo Logo ColouredThe FINN LOG HOUSES company is a representative of other global brands of building materials, such as Purmo.

In low-temperature heating systems, Purmo radiators use less energy for efficient operation, providing a comfortable environment by operating the system at temperatures of 45/35°C and thereby reducing the cost of paying energy bills. Thanks to the unique combination of convection and heat radiation, the low-temperature radiator continuously provides a comfortable temperature. Forget about annoying drafts, stuffiness and dry air. By combining low-temperature radiators and underfloor heating, you will achieve optimal levels of efficiency and comfort.

Purmo2Purmo radiators respond quickly to control from the thermostat, spreading heat quickly, silently and evenly. In just a few minutes, the temperature will reach the desired level throughout the room - from floor to ceiling. In low-temperature heat supply systems, Purmo radiators are perfectly adapted to work with any energy source - from heat pumps to solar and even wind energy. If your home system is suitable for use with low temperature radiators, Purmo is your ideal choice.


Purmo radiators are environmentally friendly. At the end of the life cycle, all components of the radiators can be separated and sent for processing, since they are 100% made from raw materials that must be recycled. Purmo radiators operating in low temperature systems do not emit burning dust or other unpleasant odors. Moreover, there is no risk of burning your hands by touching the radiator.

To promote Purmo products, there is an in-house staff of qualified engineers who will conduct regular training, seminars and consultations.

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