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Bagdat Manzorov told about plans on the water supply of Almaty region

Two projects on reconstruction and construction of the water supply system, amounting to 927.7 mln.tenge, were implemented this year

kran vodaAkimat of Almaty region told about how it provides and is going to provide people of Uigurskiy district with potable water, zakon.kz informs.

According to Bagdat Manzorov, the Deputy Akim of Almaty region, out of 25 population area of Uigurskiy district, 22 (88%) are provided with the centralized water supply system, 3 (12%) (Uzyntam village - 267 people, Rakhat village - 326 people, Maly Aksu village - 738 people) are provided with decentralized water supply system. The total length of the water supply system in the region is 330.4 km.

Two projects on reconstruction and construction of the water supply system, amounting to 927.7 mln.tenge (state budget - 766.5 mln.tenge, local budget - 161.2 mln.tenge), were implemented this year.

- Charyn village - 34.7 km, 766.5 was allocated from the regional budget to reconstruct the current water supply system.
- Bolshoy Dikhan village - 11.5 km, 161.2 mln. tenge was allocated from the local budget to construct a water supply system.

The following works are being implemented to provide three population areas of the district with a central water supply system:

- 306.8 mln. tenge to be allocated from the state budget in 2020 to construct a water supply system in Malyi Aksu village
- In December 2019, when drawing up a local budget for 2020-2022, the budget request amounting to 32.2 mln. tenge was submitted for the development of design estimate documentation.

Also, the budget request for the amount of 54.3 mln. tenge was submitted to the regional budget 2020 to reconstruct current water supply systems in Avat village (2269 people) and Sumbe village (3265 people).

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