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UPVC, PPR, GRP and polyethylene pipes and fitting

UPVC, PPR, GRP and polyethylene pipes and fitting.

AlMunif Pipes - One of the largest Middle East Factory’s Specialist in Manufacturing Large Pipes Diameter. Based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Brands: METI, METITHERM, MMP                           

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PE Corrigated

We are manufacture for all kind of plastic pipes and fittings (UPVC, PPR, PE ,GRP) producing according to following Standards:

  • Saudi Standards (SASO)
  • ISO
  • NSF
  • WRAS
  • FM
  • SKZ and so many other international certificates.

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PE CompressionFittings             AlMunif foto 2

Present products:

  • UPVC Pipes & Fittings From 20 mm to 800 mm.
  • CPVC Pipes & Fittings From ½” to 6”
  • PP-R Pipes & Fittings From 20 mm to 160 mm. 
  • HDPE Pipes & Fittings From 20 mm to 1600 mm.
  • GRP Pipes & Fittings From 300 mm to 3000 mm. 
  • GRP Manhole.
  • GRP Tanks (Fiper Glass) Underground and Aboveground tanks. 
  • Rubber Products.
  • PVC, CPVC Compound.

You can meet the company’s representatives and learn more information at the Aquatherm Almaty 2019 Exhibition on September 4-6, 2019, in Almaty city, Timiryazev street, 42, Atakent International Exhibition Center, Pavilion 11, stend 11-682.

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