16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment



Alternative Solutions LLP is a Kazakhstan company, which is a part of AS Group of companies, working on the market of Kazakhstan since 2002 in the field of wholesale trading and delivery of electronic and telecommunication equipment, automated and info-communication systems. The Company builds systems and creates projects on a "turn-key" basis, because its specialists have a vast experience in the construction of different wireless systems, including telemetric systems.

AS 1The IQRC automated heating control system, which will be presented by the Company at the exhibition, is a system which will provide for balance and efficiency of a heating system, exclude and overheating (overflow) and even temperature of north and south sides of the building, providing for maximum comfortable temperature for each premise (room) and economy of thermal fluid consumption.

The undeniable advantage of IQRC system before other systems is the availability of data collection function about late events every 12 minutes. Such activities are work of system elements, indoor air temperature in the premise, frequency of temperature mode changes, time of premise heating and time of its cooling (cold air inflow), degree of thermostatic valves opening.

This information is kept in the central block memory and is available for analysis and changes to create required and comfortable temperature in each specific premise of a building and facility. The next advantage of IQRC system is a programmed function that eliminates the problem of mud and sludge overgrowing (sticking) on the moving needle in the fully open or closed position of the thermal valve.

The thermostatic head of the system provides once every seven days a brief eight-fold opening and closing of the moving needle of the thermostatic valve, regardless of the established work schedule and the indoor air temperature in the room.

The IQRC heating control system consists of the central control block, which is a fundamental element of the system, local control blocks, and thermostatic heads. The central control block provides for wireless control of heat distribution, pre-defined modes, and other parameters of certain premises. The local control block provides for objective measurement and individual control of temperature in each premise of the building, shall be mounted on the wall in the pull box near the entrance door inside the premise.

AS 2The thermostatic head shall be installed on any thermostatic valve before the radiator, it is automatically adjusted depending on the valve and controls the radiator's heat elimination. The software allows restricting any manipulations with temperature from local control boards in each premise, up to complete prohibition to change the temperature. The IQRC system control is possible through PC, tablet PC, or smartphone.

The IQRC system automatically supports the required (pre-defined) temperature mode, works under pre-defined indoor air temperature schedules in each premise of the building with a time reference. The IQRC system control does not require any professional skills or special education.

Alternative Solutions LLP prived itself on the market of the country as an advanced and high-tech company, which is confirmed by the following awards:

1. According to the ranking of 2013-2014, Alternative Solutions LLP received a bronze rating in the Republic of Kazakhstan of OKED 46.52.0 in terms of the amount of four types of tax: "Value Added Tax on Domestic Production," "Individual Income Tax," "Corporate Income Tax," "Social Tax"

2. Alternative Solutions LLP was awarded the honorary title of “Industry Leader 2015”

3. In 2017, our Company was awarded gold in the rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan OKED 46.52.0

4. The Company has introduced Quality Management System ST RK ISO 9001 – 2016 (ISO 9001:2015) "Quality management systems. Requirements"

You can meet the company’s representatives and learn more information at the Aquatherm Almaty 2019 Exhibition on September 4-6, 2019, in Almaty city, Timiryazev street, 42, Atakent International Exhibition Center,  Pavilion 11, stend 11-604.


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