16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Opinions of Aquatherm Almaty 2018

Exhibitors opinions

Oksana Danchenko, head of administrative and economic department of group of companies ROVEN

Danchenko- What are your impressions?

We participate in Aquatherm Almaty 2018 for the first time. Organization of Aquatherm was held at a very high level. I liked simplified rules of entry to the territory, that it was not necessary to fill in 10 passes, loyal attitude of security, operational assistance of project managers, technical support. We really liked design of our stand. We are the brightest and we can be seen from all sides! It was much unexpected for us to receive the cup in nomination of “the best work on the stand with our visitors”

Since 2006, we participate in various exhibitions. Every year we are exhibited at "Climate World", and earlier participated in smaller regional exhibitions. Aquatherm Almaty 2018 is our first exhibition and, in principle, entering Asian market is our first step.

What expectations did you have?

We wanted to communicate with our clients who already work with us in Kazakhstan. From Kyrgyzstan, new clients and designers came to us. We really enjoyed seminars that were held in parallel with the exhibition. And most importantly - we are happy that we sold entire stand with all equipment during the exhibition.

- Do you plan to return to Aquatherm Almaty next year?

Yes, we plan. In our opinion, Aquatherm Almaty is a promising exhibition, the place for companies to develop.

Yaroslav Topolev, Head of the Academy Uponor

Topolev- What are your impressions?

I would like to note excellent organization of this exhibition, a large number of new contacts have come this year. We note the high interest of customers, both final and demand from construction and installation companies. To do this, we, respectively, put up a large stand, where we show all our engineering solutions.

As for visiting our stand - there is a certain periodicity. In the first half of the first day there were more people than now. Perhaps something will be changed.

- What expectations did you have?

We have been presenting our products for the third year in a row and our main goal is to consolidate company's image, first of all to show ourselves, to tell about our systems and technologies. In addition, we also spoke at the conference Avok, where we talked about our engineering systems.

- What are your plans for RK market?

We have ambitious plans, we want to expand. Now we are looking towards large projects in Kazakhstan, also we are interested in cottage segment. Now we are making efforts in both directions. We believe that Kazakhstan market is developing dynamically and this prospect, I think, will continue.

Also we are now looking at neighboring countries that were represented at the exhibition. We believe that there are prospects. I think that soon we will go to them, we will also study their markets, realize our projects.

- Do you plan to return to Aquatherm Almaty next year?

We will definitely participate next year.

Dagoglu Sinan, Sales Director of ALDAG Import-Export Products

Sinan- What are your impressions?

We participate in the exhibition for the third time, and this time we are very happy to present our products here. I want to note that organization of the exhibition is as always at a high level. The last two years, we hear from buyers only good comments. In this regard, this year we have come with a powerful technical campaign. We believe that Kazakhstan market has a good future, so we decided to open our sales and service office here.

- Do you plan to return to Aquatherm Almaty next year?

I hope that next year we will again participate in the exhibition.

We congratulate organizer' company on their success in organizing the exhibition and wish you success!

Lilia Rogalevich, manager of export department of Kospel (Poland))

Rogalevich- What are your impressions?

We came here to look for new partners and new business contacts. We are glad, our expectations are fully satisfied. We on the first day of the exhibition received contacts that satisfy us. These partners were not only from Kazakhstan. We really liked the organization itself. Good on you!

I liked the exhibition because there were basically no visitors who did not belong to this activity (construction sphere). This is convenient, because we did not waste time on people who are not interested in partnership.

- Do you plan to return to Aquatherm Almaty next year?

Yes, we plan to exhibit in Almaty. We have been cooperating with Aquatherm brand for a long time. This year we have already been at Aquatherm Ukraine.

- What are your plans for RK market?

We represent electric equipment, and Kazakhstan is more directed to gasified lines. But we hope that customers and Kazakhstan market will discover electric heating equipment for themselves.

Alexander Lee, Director of the Representative Office of Adrian Group (Slovakia)

Li- What are your impressions?

We participate in such exhibition for the first time. We represent our Slovak factory in Kazakhstan. We have very positive impressions. To be honest, we did not expect such an interest in our equipment. In general, there are not many people, but we feel productive meetings and see quality customers.

- What expectations did you?

We expected that we will get many new contacts here and, of course, this is popularization of our image in Kazakhstan market. All plans were justified, even beyond that. We did not expect that on the second day of the exhibition we would get so many useful contacts.

- Do you plan to return to Aquatherm Almaty next year?


- What are your plans for RK market?

In our sector of industrial and energy-saving heating and cooling, Kazakhstan market is just developing. We believe that this market can work long and hard.

Olga Shevtsova, Sales Manager, Teploinvest Asia LLP, official distributor of UNO trademark

Shevzova- What are your impressions?

We have been exhibiting for the last 10 years. Organizers as always are at the highest level.

- What expectations did you have?

For us, every year's exhibition is – new clients, contracts, new projects and, accordingly, profit and recognition of our project. At the exhibition, we always conclude new contracts, our managers always discuss new ideas with our potential customers. For example, today we have received proposals from the Russians to make deliveries to Russia. I think that after the end of the exhibition detailed negotiations with partners will be held.

- Do you plan to return to Aquatherm Almaty next year?

I think yes. Rather yes than no.

- What are your plans for RK market?

We are developing, every year we release various novelties. We see demand on the market, respectively, we believe that Kazakhstan market is growing, cities are growing.

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