16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Process heating ADRIAN GROUP s.r.o.

New participant of the exhibition, the company and brand ADRIAN® has been offering its customers effective heating systems for industrial objects for more than 20 years.

From the very beginning, the company's priority is quality in all its manifestations and spheres of activity.

AdrianGR3Company ADRIAN GROUP s.r.o .:
- Develops and introduces innovative and energy-efficient heating systems, taking into account requirements of environmental protection.
- It does not seek to save on the quality of components and materials, which is a guarantee of high quality of the end product with a long service life.
- Meets the most complex customer requirements and provides the maximum technical support before and after sales.
These particular qualities of the company provide us the position of leaders in the market of heating system.

ADRIAN-RAD® gas burners are effective for indoor applications:
• with good, medium and poor thermal insulation;
• with a height of more than 4 m.
• industrial shops;
• production facilities and large-volume facilities;
• premises with high altitude;
• warehouses and service workshops;
• exhibition centers;
• garages and workshops;
• sports objects.


Advantages of ADRIAN-RAD® burners applications in heating system:
• economical local or general heating;
• effectiveness of application in case of temporary heating;
• support for standby temperature and heating in a given mode;
• possibility of a combined system with hot-air heating;
• quick access to operating mode after switching on.
• simple installation and service.

HEATER is a new solution in Russian and European water fan heaters markets.

Design of a fan heater is based on analysis of the latest global trends in the field of design of industrial equipment. Technical parameters fully comply with requirements of modern heating systems.


Fan heater HEATER, as a racing car, represent a high quality, advanced technology and speed.

You can meet with representatives of the company and find out more information, conduct negotiations from September 4-6, 2018 in Almaty, KCBC “Atakent”, Pavilion 11.

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