16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Modern solutions from GC ROVEN LLC for ventilation systems

New participant of the exhibition – is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of ventilation equipment GC "ROVEN" will present the best novelties in the exposition.

ВРН 5GC "ROVEN" has expanded production and started output of new radial fans VRN and VRV series:
• compact fans with motor-wheel
• Impeller врН with backward curved blades
• Impeller врН with forward curved blades, adjustable base
• Ability to change position of the body, complete set with electric motors 220 V and 380 V

VRN and VRV fans are used to move non-explosive gas media with a temperature not exceeding + 80 ° C containing solid impurities not exceeding 100 mg / m³, not containing sticky substances and fibrous materials, in conditions of moderate climate of the 2nd category of placement according to GOST 15150- 90, with ambient temperature of up to + 40 ° C. VRN and VRV are fans of radial type with a motor-wheel with backward curved blades (VRN) and with forward curved blades (VRB).

Thanks to installation of motor-wheel - design of the fans has a compact appearance. It is possible to install fans on both horizontal and vertical surfaces by changing position of housing.

Changing of housing position can be done independently. The fan base is adjustable - it is possible to change the height of the housing, what is convenient when connecting fans to duct network.

Fans VRN and VRV were aerodynamically tested. Thanks to increased outlet opening, as well as increase of the width of fan housing, it was possible to achieve increase in static pressure while maintaining productivity in the area of maximum flow.

ВРН 5New generation of high-performance channel fans of VRS-K series with a free wheel and direct drive

Duct fans are widely used in a variety of stationary ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems for public and residential buildings.

Fans VRS-К are a frame structure made of a lightweight aluminum profile with heat-insulating panels 25 mm thick. This design allows easy installation of equipment and also allows easy maintenance.
Aesthetic design is easy to maintain and easily integrated into various air handling units, including existing ones. Effective operation of duct fans implies a low noise level - insulating panels of the fan VRS -K successfully solve this problem without loss of performance.

The fans are equipped with a three-phase asynchronous motor with protection class IP54. A wide range of aerodynamic characteristics is achieved using two types of impellers.

Extended range of wheels used provides optimum pressure and turbulence, and system capacity reaches 10,000 m³ / h. Models VRS -K are characterized by high performance, characterized by economy in consumption of electricity. Fans have the ability to adjust the speed using frequency converter. Operating temperature range of transported media is from -30 ° C to +40 ° C. The model range is represented by 7 standard sizes: 50-30; 60-30; 60-35; 70-40; 80-50; 90-50; 100-50.

Axial flow fan series VO and VOp

ВО 2017 2At the beginning of 2018, GC "ROVEN" expanded production and began output of a new series of axial flow fans, which are characterized by a wide range of aerodynamic parameters. Fans VO and VOp are designed to support air in fire protection systems for supplying of fresh air in case of fire or in general ventilation systems for operation with both short network of air ducts and without it. A new series of axial flow fans produced by GC "ROVEN" is an effective replacement of the most famous models of fans VO 06-300; VO 25-188; VO 30-160 series.

Range of air flow rates up to 150,000 m3 / h with a pressure up to 2300 Pa. Diameters of wheels correspond to row R20, from No. 4,0 to 12,5 according to GOST 10616-2015. A wide design range allows the construction of different numbers and design versions at the same operating points. Fans are available in climatic design U2 in accordance with GOST 15150-90, temperatures of transported media from -40 to +80 0С.

Design features:
Blades of impeller, made of high-quality composite material, are mounted on a hub of light aluminum alloys. Blade profile is selected on the basis of high efficiency, which is provided by aerodynamically streamlined shape. Specialists of the company developed a design that provides a minimum radial clearance between impeller and housing, which has a favorable effect on characteristics of the fan. Due to such combination of solutions and materials, low wheel mass, low vibration values, reduced noise characteristics, lower values of installed power of electric motors are provided.

Fan characteristics provide possibility to adjust capacity by changing the angle of blade installation. Also, a new line of fans is distinguished by easy installation and connection.

More information about GC "ROVEN" products You may find at the Aquatherm Almaty 2018 exhibition, 4-6 September, 11 pavilion, stend 11 – 719.

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