16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Smart meters of new generation from “Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant named after P.I. Plandin” JSC

A new exhibitor of International Exhibition Aquatherm Almaty 2018 is the largest well-known Russian manufacturer of "Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant named after P.I. Plandin" JSC represents novelties of equipment for housing and communal services - new own-produced control and measuring devices.

Water meter CWK 15-3-2 with LPWAN radio module

СВК 15 3 2Meter with a built-in LPWAN radio module measures amount of water consumed and transmits flow readings to user's account. This metering device does not require connection of a modem, radio module is built into the meter, which makes it possible to make introduction of a remote water collection system even easier. The meter is completely autonomous: it works without external power and additional maintenance.

• Memory: 1080 hourly data (45 days) 60 daily data 48 monthly data
• 10 years without external power supply
• Radio module operates on a battery that is not self-discharge
• 10 km - data transmission distance
• Range of data transmission over a radio channel without adders, concentrators or repeaters
• Two devices in one - simple and economically

Water meter CWK 20-5
СВК 20 5Universal meters for cold and hot water SVK20-5 are designed for individual water consumers when measuring the volume of drinking cold and hot water, including - with transfer of data via communication lines.

For remote transmission of measurement results, water meters with pulse output (reed switch) with a resolution of 10 liters per pulse are recommended. Water meters are protected from the influence of external magnetic fields of permanent magnets with a magnetic induction of no more than 40 mt.

Household electronic gas meters SGBE1,6; SGTB2,4

СГБЭHousehold electronic gas meters SGGB1.6 and SGTB2.4 are designed for measuring of gas consumption volume by individual consumers.
Basic load: 4 hotplates gas cookers with oven.

Devices of "SGBE" series are based on jet measuring method, which makes it possible to simplify design of the device as much as possible, making it compact and reliable at the same time.

The meter is powered by a lithium battery, which provides meter operation for at least 12 years from the date of issue.
- High reliability of devices due to the lack of driving parts
- Mounting in vertical and horizontal position is possible.
- Noiselessness
- Compactness
- Presence of pulse output

You can get to know the representatives and products of "Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant named after P.I. Plandin" JSC from September 4 to 6 at Aquatherm Almaty 2018, “Atakent” KBCC, Pavilion 11
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