16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Energy efficient ventilation equipment TURKOV

The company TURKOV, a Russian manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation equipment, is introducing a new development - a series of compact supply and exhaust ventilation systems NEW CAPSULE. In the new installations CAPSULE the most advanced technologies in the manufacture of ventilation equipment are used.

Turkov kapsula W 295x197- The body is made of 50 mm thick foamed polypropylene, 60% of the body is composed of foamed polypropylene, and 30% - of galvanized painted metal, this combination allows to effectively dissipate acoustic noise from the fan, to reduce the cold bridges three times, and also to prevent the body from freezing even in -35 degrees.

- The air heating system can be of two types: a water heater with a mixing unit and heater defrost sensors or an electric heater with four overheat protection sensors, and a combined system with a water and electric heater can be used.

- The efficiency coefficient of electric heating elements has been increased due to the dispersion of infrared radiation.

- Built-in automation with extensive control and monitoring capabilities - chiller (air conditioning), recuperator, humidifier, geothermal circuit control, a weekly timer with six events a day, connection to a smart house, etc.

Turkov NEW CAPSULE 517x176

- Adaptive ventilation (VAV system), the supply unit can change the air flow if in the rooms valves, that cover the air in the room, are installed, for example, in the living room, at night when the occupants of the house are in the bedrooms.

- The possibility to organize a central air heating system, with central air conditioning and maintaining humidity.

- The possibility to install double air filtration, with a filter clogging control system.

More information about “TURKOV” products You may find at the Aquatherm Almaty 2017 exhibition, 5-8 September, 11 pavilion, stand 11-510.

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