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The new generation treatment plants TOPAS and FLEXIDIBLOK

For the first time the company “Bintek” from Kyrgyzstan will present at Aquatherm exhibition the new generation domestic treatment plants TOPAS and the municipal treatment facilities FLEXIDIBLOK in Kazakhstan. These brands have long won the market of Europe, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

Topas1 280x188TOPAS is the most effective and coordinated solution for a wastewater treatment system today. It is so flexible and practical that it actively takes hold not only in Europe and Russia, but also in Kyrgyzstan.

The effectiveness of the treatment plants TOPAS, when properly used, reaches up to 99%. This is not just a system of capacities and air lifts, but a whole system of high biological treatment, which was built due to many years of research by the company TOPOL WATER in the sphere of wastewater treatment.

Topas2 280x188The whole system is built on the fundamental principles of nature, along with the application of the latest technologies. The developer of this technology has tried to build the system in such a way that maintenance becomes simple and comprehensible. And the company Bintek adapts all of the above and presents its customers in an accessible and practical way.

Topas3 280x170FLEXIDIBLOK are biological wastewater treatment plants made using SBR (Sequencing Bath Reactor) technology, which is one or two bioreactors (activation reactor) with a variable mode of operation upgraded with mechanical pre-treatment and stabilized sludge processing technology.

The WWTP tanks usually have a rectangular shape and are combined into one building object that can be equipped with a roof, where local conditions require. The additional technology for wastewater treatment is placed in the production house. When implementing an alternate design with a roof, the architecture of the building can be appropriately adapted to the surroundings, where the WWTP is built. Another option for WWTP is the construction of open reservoirs, which helps reduce investment costs.

FLEXIDIBLOK systems are designed for the treatment of domestic wastewater supplied by a centralized or separate sewerage network, as well as industrial wastewater with similar characteristics that can be cleaned using a biological method.

Topas4 280x210The WWTP is operated by a programmable logic controller (PLC) that optimizes the plant’s operation in real time, depending on the amount and level of contamination of waste water. The control system can also be connected to remote data transmission to the central control room via the GSM network, using telephone lines, through the mobile operator or the Internet. Thus, one experienced technologist is able to efficiently and professionally manage and control several stations at the same time. This is a great advantage in terms of safe operation of the station, since it does not require highly qualified personnel for local maintenance of WWTP.

The FLEXIDIBLOK system is also widely used in the intensification and reconstruction of existing stations, since this technology can easily be adapted and installed in tanks of various shapes provided that they have sufficient volumes.

You can find out more about modern methods of wastewater treatment and treatment facilities TOPAS and FLEXIDIBLOK at Aquatherm Almaty 2017, September 5-8, “Atakent” KBCC, Pavilion 11, Stand 11-509

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