16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Water meters with pulse output, polypropylene pipes, fittings, ball valves and other products of “KazStandart Asia”

The pool of participants of the 10th International Exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment Aquatherm Almaty 2017 - continues to be replenished. We are introducing a new member - Kazakhstan company “KazStandart Asia” LLP.

The company was founded in 2009 and offers a full range of water metering devices, engineering plumbing for water supply, sewerage and heating systems.

KazStandart Asia - reliability, stability, success, which is confirmed by awards and achievements. Thus, the company took the 1st place in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sales of water metering products of Itron (France), being the sales leader from 2014 to 2016. Our priority and strength are being client-oriented. “We are building long-term relationships with customers and partners, many of whom we call our friends”, - notes KazStandart Asia.


KazStandAziaKranMiraya 292x292At Aquatherm Almaty 2017 the company will present water meters with pulse output, shut-off valves, plastic pipes, plumbing equipment, sanitary equipment and the brands: Itron, Firat, Miraya, Viva.

KazStandAziaSchetchiki Itron 292x193Itron water meters are manufactured in France and meet the most stringent European quality standards, strong construction is made of high-tech materials (synthetic sapphire, polymer materials). This allows Itron products to be used at pressures up to 16 bar in dynamic and static mode, 360° rotation for convenient installation, a wide range of intelligent accounting systems, into which the meter can be integrated. Cyble interface capabilities: the optimization of data reading and billing processes without the need for access to the meter, leak detection, studying a consumption mode, reverse flow detection, detection of non-routine interference.

KazStandAziaPoliprop trubyi PPRC FIRAT 292x193Polypropylene pipes and fittings FIRAT (including with fiberglass) from high quality PPRC raw materials are used for water supply systems. Service life is up to 50 years. They do not change the color, smell and taste of water.

“B” series ball valve Miraya - internal thread, lever – “butterfly”.

You can get to know the representatives and products of “KazStandart Asia” LLP from September 5 to 8 at Aquatherm Almaty 2017, “Atakent” KBCC, Pavilion 11, stand 11-559.

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