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SML and KML – 2 systems of sewage - no hub pipes from foundry cast iron

The group of companies PREIS is a family company from Austria, founded in 1970 by Kurt Jägersberger. The main office and the company’s central management are still in Pernitz in Austria. The main activities of the company are the production of welded structures, electrical components and cast iron production. Today, the group of companies PREIS has more than 600 employees in the manufacturing facilities in Austria (PREIS & CO GMBH), Slovenia (PREIS SEVNICA), Croatia (FERRO PREIS) and Bosnia (PREIS USORA).


The subsidiary company FERRO-PREIS was acquired during the strategic positioning in 1991. Iron foundry has more than 70 years of experience in producing high-quality products for electrical, plumbing and machine building industries. In 2009, FERRO-PREIS expanded to fully automatic production of pipes and became, therefore, a supplier of a full range of works and services in the construction of drainage systems. In 2012, Preis Energy was founded to meet the energy needs of PREIS Group through renewable energy sources.

SML and KML of the brand FP PREIS-2 of no-hub cast iron pipe systems, application and differences

PREIS1 280x176SML and KML are two systems of no-hub cast iron pipes, which finally came to replace flared sewer pipes in 1982. The tested raw materials, easy-to-use fittings and reliable connections form a small, reliable and wear-resistant system that fully meets the high requirements of modern quality housing and technical equipment of buildings, and also fulfills important safety requirements as sound insulation and fire protection.

The SML system is mostly used for multistorey construction (residential and office buildings, hotels, banks, universities, airports, railway stations, etc.). The technical quality of the SML-system contributed to the fact that the most important parts of the drainage systems of buildings (sewerage, main pipeline, and rainwater drainage running inside the building) are made, as a rule, from foundry iron.

KML is used in the removal of particularly aggressive wastewater, which are, for example, in canteens, kitchen factories, laboratories, medical institutions, etc. For the PREIS® KML system, a highly resistant coating is applied to the external and internal surfaces by a special coating method, and as a result the system has all the properties for the sewage of aggressive wastewater and for laying in the ground.

The team of PREIS & CO GMBH is pleased to present its developments and products on September 5-8 at the international exhibition Aquatherm Almaty 2017, “Atakent” Exhibition Center, Pavilion 11, stand N11-11-556.

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