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BIOLOS hand dryer at Aquatherm Almaty 2017

BIO high-speed electric hand dryer from YOUNGSAN is a powerful, efficient and very fast hygienic hand dryer. BIOLOS is designed specifically for quick and comfortable drying of hands in public places with large customer traffic.

An electric hand dryer significantly saves costs, as when using it, there is no need to use paper towels.
It efficiently and gently dries hands in only 10 seconds, while consuming a small amount of energy.

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Advantages of Biolos hand dryer:
※ Modern and stylish design of the device
※ non-contact control of a device (switching on and off is automatic)
※ electricity saving
※ a patented specially developed HEPA filter, which retards up to 99.7% of microbes and bacteria
※ gentle and effective drying of hands in as little as 10 seconds
※ easy maintenance of a device
※ a convenient information display, reflecting the condition of an air filter and the water level in a tank
※ protection against overheating and mains voltage drops
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