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Kiturami heating boilers

Kiturami gas and oil-fired heating boilers of Korean production with capacity from 15kW to 464kW are double-circuit boilers, which allows the owners of this equipment not only to heat the premises, but to have hot water supply in the house, due to only one device, and the room console allows to remotely control the boiler.

Advantages of Kiturami boilers:
※ A patented, integrated heat exchanger for hot water supply
※ High efficiency of gas combustion
※ Proportional combustion process control
※ Full self-diagnosis of all boiler components
※ Automatic restart after elimination of external factors
※ Gas leak detection system
※ Boiler shutdown system when carbon monoxide is detected
※ Frost protection function in the off state
※ A seismic sensor
※ Flexible control of the temperature of hot water and a heat conductor

kotlyi kiturami 498x207

Service life: from 10 to 20 years
Full warranty: 3 years

Our company “Youngsan-Kazakhstan” LLP is the official distributor of the brand Kiturami. And we have a large developed dealer network throughout Kazakhstan, which provide technical and marketing support for equipment.

Modern technologies and high quality of the products we produce have credibiblity among our consumers and a successful promotion in the market.

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