16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

“VodEkoFiltr”: water purification and wastewater treatment systems of high reliability

At Aquatherm Almaty 2017, “VodEcoFiltr” LLP, Kazakhstan manufacturer of water purification equipment, wastewater treatment equipment and container-type mobile buildings, will demonstrate drainage systems for DS series filters and thin-layer modules of TM series. And also:

zasipnie napornie filtr dvui• “DVU” series combined water treatment units
• “KOS-BM” combined wastewater treatment units
• “BioSOV” series combined wastewater treatment units
• “LIOS” series storm sewage treatment units
• “NPS” series units for the accumulation, averaging and pumping of sewage
• “ELU” series electrolysis units for the production of sodium hypochlorite
• “UF-OV” ultraviolet disinfection units
• “SD” series dosing station
• “SchS” series switchboard control station
• “OG/PT” series horizontal sedimentation tank
• Container type mobile buildings.

“VodEcoFiltr” is a rapidly developing and promising company engaged in the supply, installation and technical support of water treatment and wastewater treatment equipment. The water treatment systems offered by the company are characterized by a high level of technological and design work, high quality configuration, high reliability. The high reliability of these water purification and water treatment systems is ensured by the use of equipment and materials of leading manufacturers in the world market of water treatment equipment.

• Industrial water treatment systems
• Water treatment for medicine
• Water treatment systems for apartments and cottages
• Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

The company is focused on the production and sale of water purification and water treatment systems that can be used:

zasipnie filtri• in food industry: water treatment for the production of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, dairy and bakery products, water treatment in processing meat and fish, production of mayonnaise, ice-cream, etc.;
• water purification and water treatment in chemical, metallurgical and microelectronic industries;
• water treatment in medicine; pharmaceutical and perfume and cosmetics industries;
• water purification and water treatment in heat power engineering, housing and communal services (cooling circuits, boilers, steam generators);
• water purification and water treatment in the maintenance of industrial buildings, office and residential premises.

Additional information about “VodEcoFiltr” products You may find at the Aquatherm Almaty 2017 exhibition, 5-8 September, 11 pavilion.

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