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German quality standards: heavy duty ball valves “STRONG”.

Professional engineering plumbing equipment Profactor Armaturen GmbH

Technical description and scope of application:
PROFACTOR STRONG valves are designed for installation in sanitary systems of the highest reliability category: high-rise buildings, main pipelines with increased nominal pressure, special purpose facilities.

Due to the newest body design and high quality materials used in the production of products, the valves of this series are among the most reliable valves on the market.

The series of “STRONG” valves is distinguished by the extended warranty of up to 10 years, which is based on the manufacturer’s confidence in the particular structural strength of the valves of this series.

The quality of the materials used and modern production technologies ensure the reliability and long-term operation of the products.

The structural feature of the crane is the presence of special thickening of the body in places of increased mechanical stress, which ensures the integrity of the product during installation and operation.

Strong Valves 500x337All products are made of brass of the brand CW617N (EN12165) in accordance with EN13828 regulation. Mirror polishing and galvanic chrome plating of the ball minimizes the friction of the saddle rings and ensures the tightness of the closure during the entire service life.

Distinctive features in comparison with existing analogues
1) The special design of the body ensures its maximum strength in the zone of the main cantilever load, where the thickness of the body is increased more than 3 times.
2) The increased thickness of the stem column ensures its maximum strength. The impermeability of the stem is ensured by the Teflon stuffing box with a retaining bushing.
3) For better adhesion to the sealing materials during installation, incisions on the external connecting thread of the valves are made.
4) The handle is attached to the stem with a self-locking stainless nut, which prevents its whipping and has a special sealing hole.
5) The valves are equipped with two colored silicone caps, which are put on the nuts to indicate the pipeline of hot and cold water.

Manufacturer - Profactor Armaturen GmbH

For more information about the company’s products, visit Aquatherm Almaty 2017, September 5-8, Almaty, “Atakent” KBCC, Pavilion 11, stand N11-573.

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