16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

High-tech mixers of TM “TRIGOR” at Aquatherm Almaty 2017

ТМ “TRIGOR”, engaged in sales of mixers and accessories for high quality bathrooms, will present at the exhibition Aquatherm Almaty 2017 the products, in production of which unique developments are used.

You must admit that in every house there is a mixer, since a person needs water in the same way as air. Therefore, the main goal is to meet the needs of customers and exceed their expectations by constantly improving the products of TM “TRIGOR”. All products of the trademark “TRIGOR” correspond to the European CE standards and are confirmed by the relevant quality certificates.

While operating on the market since 2014, the company has won recognition from consumers in the countries as Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Kazakhstan, which once again proves the optimal combination of high quality and reasonable price of all products of TM “TRIGOR”. The company is a reliable partner of many customers and wholesale buyers. Also, it is worth mentioning that the company is an annual participant of the large-scale events as AquaTherm Exhibition. This proves that we always have something to offer our customers. In particular, high technology and quality assurance.

Why to choose TRIGOR mixers?

Trigor 1 500x259All plumbing products of TM “TRIGOR” are produced in their own factory. The factory began its work in 1990 and was specialized in the production of plumbing and engineering products. For 27 years, the factory has been manufacturing and selling sanitary ware of various brands for many countries around the world. This is what makes it possible to fully control the quality of products at each stage of manufacturing, unlike many brands that order their goods at foreign factories.

A little bit about the technologies of production of hull bodies - in the production of TM “TRIGOR” products injection die casting is used, which gives the following advantages:

• High structural density and uniform thickness of the hull body walls, which eliminates the possibility of hole occurrence and provides a minimum risk of reclamation, for example, in view of pressure jumps in the water supply system.
• Excellent quality of the surface and internal geometry of the product, which has a positive effect on increasing the service life of the product, by minimizing the risk of internal corrosion and build-ups.
The company spends a lot of resources on developing new technologies to always stand out among other manufacturers. The special inventions include the following:
• Unique fastening of the mixer on the nut in the form of a hexagram star, which allows to fix the mixer without any tools. And also, in the nut structure an oil supply hole was made, which allows to protect the nut from oxidation and sticking.
• A built-in diverter, which allows you to get the same pleasure in the process of taking shower as when using a thermostatic mixer.

Given all these, the company guarantees:

• Optimal combination of high quality and reasonable price;
• All our products are produced in our own factory using the latest equipment for the production of sanitary ware;
• High-quality, eco-friendly materials and components are used in the manufacture of mixers;
• TRIGOR products comply with all European standards (CE), which is confirmed by the relevant quality certificates;
• An established system of high quality control of products at all stages of production;
• All TRIGOR mixers are characterized by ergonomic design and refinement;
• Cost effectiveness. The latest production technologies make it possible to produce mixers that save water costs and guarantee the softness of its flow;

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