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Asterion industrial mixers made of composite material

“Trading House “Elma” LLC will present industrial mixers Asterion at the exhibition Aquatherm Almaty 2017.

Asterion mixers are mainly used in wastewater treatment and water treatment systems at enterprises for the preparation of solutions, emulsions, suspensions, and for the intensification of chemical and diffusion processes. The most important characteristics of mixing devices are the intensity of mixing and the efficiency of the device.

Propeller and blade mixers.

Mikseryi ELMA 257x1167Used for mixing acid and alkali solutions and installed on the tank. The possibility to choose a high-speed mixer (for coagulants) and a slow-speed mixer (for flocculants). Main advantages: reliable simple design, impermeability in the absence of seals, favourable price, low weight, chemical resistance, solid propeller design (no welds).

Mikseryi ELMA1 254x772Mix GMS hyperbolic mixers. Widely used in wastewater treatment processes for efficient mixing, including mixed liquor. Suitable for mixing large volumes. Ensure uniform mixing, without the formation of “dead zones”. Have a low level of energy consumption. Do not corrode. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Mix DSL turbine mixers. Designed to effectively maintain a constant concentration of lime slurry, rapid dissolution of salt, including in the preparation of electrolytes and chemical reagents. All parts of the mixer having contact with an aggressive liquid are made of corrosion-resistant materials (composite/chemical resistant plastic). Main technical advantages: effective mixing, no shaft runout and vibration, corrosion and chemical resistance, safety, abrasion resistance.

Ekodos 257x298EcoDos series membrane dosing pumps.

Pumps of this type are made of chemically resistant materials and are designed for dosing aggressive chemical liquids (including hypochlorite). Pumps have a solid, compact design. The absence of external moving parts eliminates leaks. The efficiency of EcoDos pumps is up to 1,000 l/h.

 Additional information about “Trading House “Elma” LLC products You may find at the Aquatherm Almaty 2017 exhibition, 5-8 September, 11 pavilion.

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