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Air Solar Collectors “Solar Fox” - Heating and Ventilation Equipment

“Polynor.kz” LLP is a participant of KazBuild / WorldBuild Almaty, which is held on the same platform as Aquatherm Almaty, specializes in the development of new technologies and materials in the sphere of insulation, dome home construction and alternative energy sources.

Solar energy is no longer an alternative to traditional energy, but one of the main directions of energy development. At the beginning of 2011, 60 million kW/h was produced in the world with the help of solar panels, and by 2015 this number had tripled - up to 180 million kilowatts.

All over the world solar installations are generally used in large and expensive projects. Solar Fox changes this reality. With an air solar collector innovations have become available to all.

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The advantages of solar powered equipment Solar Fox:

• Works without connecting to mains, which means it is safe, since there is no danger of short-circuits and fires
• Available for public - there is sunlight everywhere, unlike power lines
• Easy installation: Solar Fox ventilation units can be supplied alone and without professional equipment
• Affordable price

Solar collectors in Kazakhstan are used to effectively solve the problems of ventilation, heating and drying of residential buildings, industrial and food warehouses, utility rooms. The equipment works on renewable solar energy, autonomously, does not require connection to the power grid. This makes it possible to use air solar collectors in Kazakhstan on non-electrified objects: in the complexes under construction, in temporary buildings.

Air solar collectors dry and heat up rooms by forced circulation of warm air masses and fully ventilate the object, eliminating condensation, musty air and the risk of mold formation.
Our company offers to purchase various models of air solar collectors for heating and ventilation of buildings in Kazakhstan.

We are the official dealer and we offer:
• A full range of products
• Optimal prices “from the manufacturer”
• Comprehensive customer support
• By purchasing products from us, you can be sure that you are buying a certified product that has been tested and safe to use
Additional services of the company:
• Help in selecting air solar collectors Solar Fox for residential and utility rooms in Kazakhstan
• The equipment is selected based on the client’s goals (creating a ventilation, heating system), area of the facility. Power and price of a specific model are taken into account. We are ready to help you create an effective solution within your budget
Delivery of equipment
Safe and prompt delivery of collectors is another service provided by our company.
Each client can be sure that he will receive equipment exactly within the time specified.
Solar collectors in Kazakhstan use a renewable energy source and create modern, efficient ventilation and heating systems at various facilities.

Additional information about “Polynor.kz” LLP products You may find at the Aquatherm Almaty 2017 exhibition, 5-8 September, “Atakent” KBCC, Pavilion 11.

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