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New technologies of water purification from Geyser Kazakhstan

The company Geyser is a dynamically developing research and production holding with a long history and traditions. In the assortment portfolio of the company there are several dozens of unique products and more than 30 patented technologies. Geyser takes a leading position in the water purification industry: from simple jar filters to filter systems for cottages and industrial water treatment complexes.

Filters and water treatment systems produced by the group of companies Geyser are created in Russia at Russian production facilities. The conducted researches allow us to constantly create and improve filters produced. Every year new products come out and new revolutionary water treatment technologies emerge with an enviable periodicity.

geyzer2 280x245The group of companies Geyser has a research department with an analytical laboratory, a design department, modern production facilities in Russia and Europe, production of thermoplastic and thermoset products.

The number of employees in the company is about one thousand people. Currently, 10 representative offices have been opened: in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Saratov, Riga, Prague, Belarus, and in Kazakhstan.

Among the Russian companies that established the market of water purification systems at the end of the last century, the Group of Companies Geyser takes a special place.

geizer3 286x5551• The company’s activities are not limited only to drinking water filters, the company develops and designs industrial water treatment systems, water treatment systems for country houses, sewage water treatment systems. Recently, the company has also been engaged in a very promising, but not an easy task - the development of air purification systems.
• The company has 10 representative offices in Russia and abroad, its own research department, design department and, analytical department.
• More than 30 patented technologies ensure the availability of unique water purification and water treatment systems.
• The main difference between the company Geyser and most of its neighbours in the market is the creation and continuous improvement of new water treatment technologies. Geyser invents new technologies, designs modern filters, achieves the best combination of invested funds and the quality of water treatment and water supply in general.
• Here are some examples of Geyser’s unique technologies:
• Aragon is the only filtering material that removes most of the known impurities during flow filtration, which can be regenerated and re-used. Fine water purification can be done only with the help of membrane technology.
• Aragon BIO - a material with unique properties of Aragon, which ensures 100% removal of viruses and bacteria. Data on the removal of viruses and bacteria is confirmed by leading research institutes in Russia and foreign countries.
geyzer1 280x277• Catalon is a fibrous ion exchange material that allows to purify water, air, which has a huge filtration area with a small volume. The studies of Geyser specialists allowed to successfully apply various modifications of filtering material Catalon for air purification in industrial enterprises, etc.

The representative office of Geyser in Kazakhstan was opened in March 2017, the main mission of the representative office is to expand and strengthen partnerships, establish cooperation with potential customers, provide final users with quality and safe drinking water.

Additional information about Geyser Kazakhstan products You may find at the Aquatherm Almaty 2017 exhibition, 5-8 September, 11 pavilion.

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