16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Interview with Aquatherm participants

Grigoriy Yerantsev, Director of Sales, "KSILEM RUS" LLC

The Ksilem Company is a big American corporation, one of the largest pump equipment manufacturers in the world. In Russia, our headquarters are located in Moscow, we have pumps assembly and manufacturing plants and starting this year we are entering the market of Kazakhstan. Consumers of Kazakhstan know our production for a long time, for many years the equipment was installed in the municipal segment, water service companies, heating services, building segments, construction of residential complexes, commercial complexes, industrial enterprises, as well as in mining areas in which we can offer interesting and unique solutions for quite complicated problems faced by people.

We participate at the exhibition for the first time and it is important for us to introduce products of our company for consumers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We see that many visiting clients come to us, get acquainted with our new products with interest, our equipment, so we expect to receive positive emotions and new customers and friends here.

In particular, we present a series of new products at the Aquatherm 2016 exhibition, such as fire extinguishing pumping equipment that we manufacture in accordance with all requirements of the customs union. Assembling of this setting takes place in Russia, Moscow region. The equipment is assembled with the use of European fittings and automation. I would like to say a few words to the organizers of the exhibition. We certainly believe that this is a key event in our market and we wish further success and development.

Andrey Bych, CEO of “Klimat Prof Kazakhstan”

We participate in the Aquatherm 2016 exhibition for the second time, the exhibition gives us an opportunity to surely meet with our designers, installation companies, construction companies, with which we work throughout the year, as well as to gain new contacts, meet new business partners. We are very pleased with participation in the exhibition, the organization is good, Iteca Constructors Company assisted us at all stages of preparation. We are very proud that our booth was awarded the highest category as the best stand in the conditioning section of the Aquatherm exhibition for the second consecutive year. It is a great honor for us. We try to use innovations in the work of our company and demonstrate the latest European technologies, which could become popular thanks to our partners, to consumers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, we demonstrate a new technology for smoke removal, ventilation of underground car parks, apartment buildings and business centers at our booth. Especially, in cities such as Astana and Almaty. We demonstrate new energy-saving technology of hot water infrared heating, thanks to our partners Garboni, which in turn are not present in Kazakhstan. I would like to thank once again the Iteca Constructors Company and wish all the participants to develop new contacts, sign new big contracts, success and prosperity.

Eugeniya Tskhai, General Director, «UNIDOM Co., Ltd» JSC branch

We are the official distributors of "Rinay" in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Our company is engaged in gas equipment production. The company always takes part in exhibitions for 12 years, but it is the first time we participate in one in Kazakhstan. This exhibition, in spite of the general state of the market everywhere and including Kazakhstan, creates quite good impression. It is evident that huge work has been carried out. It is prestigious for companies representing serious brands to demonstrate their products in the framework of the exhibition. I would like to talk about the product itself: the brand itself will be 100 years soon, the "Rinay" company was established in 1920, is one of the largest in the world based on a wide range of products. Our gas boilers and water heaters, our equipment is really reliable and of high quality, up to today we showcased a new development - control via WiFi, it is possible to control your boiler remotely from anywhere in the world. You can control, set the desired temperature, set the mode control with your smartphone and not to worry about the equipment. Not every brand can boast with such novelty. Of course, we want to thank the organizers for this event. Any questions, problems and any small issues are solved very quickly. This suggests that a serious approach was taken. This is not the last time we participate in this exhibition.

Andrey Guk, Director, «GeoWatt» LLP

We participate at the exhibition for the second time, firstly, our participation brings familiarization with the brand of innovative heating equipment. This is a new product for our market, as these products are not developed in Kazakhstan. Participation brings a broad promotion of product and brand. We got large-scale customers after the exhibition. We expect better results, real production orders. The heat pump itself under the Dimpleks brand represents equipment, which has been modernized for the past 30 years and there are many patented innovations that are not found in equipment of other manufacturers. Everything is organized extremely well. We meet a lot of colleagues here. Every year, people are consistently involved, and we are very pleased to welcome them here every year, it is like a corporate party, it is very nice to meet with friends, it is a festive event for us.

Abzal Sadvakassov, Director for Customs Union, «Amitech Astana» LLP

We present two plants at this exhibition. They are based in Astana, they are domestic manufacturers that produce quality products. In particular, Amitek plant which operates from 2005 , it produces pipes of 300 to 3000 mm. Over the past 11 years, we have laid 1000 km of our products. Not only in Kazakhstan but also in other CIS countries. Our second plant is the only one of its kind in the former Soviet Union, it produces PVC pipes with high-quality, powerful features. The purpose of our participation is to find new partners, presentation of the products, business development. According to the results of the previous exhibitions, I can say that we signed memorandums with "Tospa Su" SCE. Now, at the early stage, contracts for supply and sale at some city shops are planned. There are so many design engineers who visited the exhibition and visited our booth. We express our great gratitude to the Iteca Company, everything goes very interesting, lively. The exhibition has made a really good impression. The people flow is present until the closing of the exhibition and the end of the working day. We are very satisfied.

Igor Tupikov, Director General, NURAN BOILER LLP

Our company exists since 1999. And now we are cooperating with the Iteca since 2000, almost from the beginning of establishment of the company. Over the years, we have never missed an exhibition, because for us, as a domestic producer, this exhibition is an image-building one, because it is the largest exhibition in Kazakhstan. We have partnered with the Iteca every year, but we would like to especially note the quality of the event this year, which is much better. I hope that we will continue to participate in it.

Sergey Lukhtin, Head of operations and dispatch management, "Almaty heating network services" LLP

It is my first time at the exhibition as a representative. At this platform, we want to find new partners, new relationships, to find new solutions using our heating network services. To find new activities that we can undertake, new equipment. There is a very large selection here, it is very interesting to see new products. Organization is on the highest level, everything is held wonderful. People visit us, they pay interest, we have even made an agreement on further cooperation.

Pavel Bryantsev, a representative of Tipido plant

Just a year ago, we opened a unique plant for producing aluminum radiators in Kazakhstan. Therefore, we participate at the exhibition for the first time and I believe that it is quite a serious step. This is an indication that we were able to show our worth during the year. By participating at the exhibition, we expect to meet new people, achieve good results with which we would be happy, we want people know about us. At the moment, our radiators are technically superior to large foreign brands, they are adapted to the water, which is used in heating systems. They are much more reliable in terms of leakage. In February of this year, we became a part of Almaty Industrialization Map. First of all, the raw materials that we use are delivered from the Pavlodar aluminum plant. We would like to hope that our brand will be seen and noticed, that consumers will understand that products much better than their foreign analogues can be produced in Kazakhstan.

Alexandr Schwabauer, Instrumentation Department Engineer, Yokogawa

Our company offers services in industrial automation, and we are looking for new customers. We participate here for first time and we hope that we will become more famous and attract new partners, and we will develop the industry of Kazakhstan. All our equipment is constantly being upgraded, respectively, you can validate this through our website. It is too early to say anything after the first day, but we want to note that everything is organized well enough, there are a lot of interesting offers.

Dmitry Ignatenko, head of sales in Kazakhstan, LLP "Grundfos KAZAKHSTAN"

Our company is represented in Kazakhstan for more than 10 years, and we participate in exhibitions during this period as well. The message that we have brought to the exhibition is to develop pumps manufacturing. Today we brought a pump from Atyrau water canal, the pump has served 23 years, in return we gave them a new modern pump. Thus, we wanted to show that our pumps are of a really high quality. We brought a lot of new products that have the lowest power consumption in their class.

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