16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Smart Ideas for a Sustainable Future by Yokogawa Electric Corporation

For the first time at Aquatherm Almaty will be presented a collective stand of companies:

■Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan)
■Yokogawa Electric Kazakhstan Ltd.
■Yokogawa CIS. Ltd,. (Russia)

Since its foundation in 1915, Yokogawa Electric Corporation has continued to supply industrial automation products and value added, cutting-edge technology solutions centered on its measurement, control, and information management products and systems.

Yokogawa offers highly attainable products and services that enhance productivity, make maximum use of assets, ensure safety, and optimize operations over the entire plant lifecycle. These solutions play a vital role in supporting water & wastewater, electric power, oil, chemical, natural gas, iron & steel, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries.

Wide application experience in the water industry
Yokogawa was the world’s first company to develop a distributed process control system for the monitoring and control of various types of plant facilities, and has established a global reputation as a leading company in the control and instrumentation field. Yokogawa offers optimum solutions that can help its customers improve productivity, maximize asset utilization, and ensure safety. Through its activities, it contributes with the continued development of products for a wide range of industries including oil, gas, chemicals, power, water, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and foods.
Yokogawa has extensive industry experience and has developed application based solutions for the water and wastewater plant control and instrumentation requirements.

- Water treatment plant, Wastewater treatment plant
- Seawater desalination plant
- Water pipeline
- Water Loss Management
- Industry utility plant

Smart ideas for a sustainable future
Yokogawa is committed to sustaining your business, the environment, and the wider society that we are all a part of. We are doing this by developing more energy-efficient technologies, helping operations reduce their carbon footprint, and building rock solid products that protect our environment from contaminants. Sustainability is not just a job for Yokogawa but for all industries.

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