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System of insulated pipes Uponor Ecoflex. QUICK & EASY System

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Company-Seller: IRON PLAST LLP

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The system of insulated pipes Uponor Ecoflex is:

  • Heating, cooling and water supply systems
  • Safe, proven and reliable solutions
  • Fast and easy installation due to excellent flexibility of pipes
  • Do not require the use of special tools
  • Up to 200 m of integral mounting without additional wiring
  • Absence of scale ensures 50-year service life of carrier pipes

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Quick & Easy System is an innovative system of Uponor fittings, which uses molecular memory effect of pipes, allows for quick and easy installation. Using this effect is possible only in conjunction with pipes of cross-linked polyethylene Uponor PE-Xa.

Quick & Easy System is used in:

  • cold and hot water supply
  • radiator heating
  • warm floors
  • snow melting systems, external surfaces heating, such as football pitches, ice rinks, helipads

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