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Minimal Energy Application from Menerga GmbH

We supply air conditioning systems individually designed for your requirements.

Our philosophy, „Creating a good indoor climate – through Minimal ENERGy Application“, is something we have succeeded in every single day, since the company was founded over 35 years ago.
We are proud to be part of the international successful Systemair group since 2013.

Our systems are first-class, intelligent works of engineering and handcraft. They remain reliable in operation for many, many years, significantly reducing operating costs. How is this possible? In the basic design stages, we already integrate all the components for air conditioning, such as the ventilation, heating and refrigeration systems, and equip everything with an intelligent control and regulation system. Every system is fully tested before delivery within the framework of a test run. The compact units are always delivered „ready for connection“. At the building site, they are connected up and made operational in just a few work stages.

Menerga 498x375

With over 40,000 systems installed worldwide, we cover almost every area of application. We do not only sell the units, but also offer you our many years of experience. When looking for the best solution, we jointly analyze the specific conditions at the location together with you. For the optimal solution, we ask a lot of questions.

Might it also be possible to use an alternative source of energy in order to reduce the operating costs even further? In this manner, our partners and we have jointly implemented countless projects which have received many awards for beeing energy efficient. We are proud of this. But what we really like about this is the know-how from jointly developed solutions, which allows operators and investors to save hard earned money – day after day, month after month, and year after year. The investment costs amortized within a short period. We will be happy to produce reference lists for the building types in which you are interested in. And in the event that you surprise us with a totally new project: We are convinced to find the right solution for you. With our eyes sharpened by countless special projects, e.g. the „ALMA“ telescope facility in the Atacama desert or the „Princess Elisabeth Station“ at the South Pole, we will be happy to accept the challenge.

ThermoCond 19 and 29
Devices of the series 19 and 29 dehumidify and heat the swimming pool hall and they reduce a possible concentration of harmful substances in the air. The devices are multifunctional compact systems with integrated control and regulation. ThermoCond 19 is suitable for swimming halls with lower heating requirements. ThermoCond 29 is equipped with an integrated heat pump. This increases the overall efficiency of the system and enables the dehumidification of the pool hall air in recirculation mode. The design ensures the cleanability according to VDI 6022.

Further performance parameters and options
- Filtering the air in any operating mode
- pumped hot water air heater
- sound-optimized plastic impellers for even quieter operation
- Individually controllable performance parameters
- Complete unit, ready to connect, contains all structural elements for air conditioning swimming pool hall air,
including all control and regulation fittings
- Intensive quality inspection with factory test run

- bypass damper
- water/air temperature interconnection
- design complies with VDI 6022
- Pool water condenser (ThermoCond 29)
- Domestic heat pump coupling (ThermoCond 29)
- remote maintenance
- and many more

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