16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Build a healthy environment for life

Lifegear was founded 10 years ago with the objective of designing, developing and manufacturing only the highest quality ventilation systems for the home.

As a result of that commitment, along with years of research, we have become a leader in our field!

We offer fashionable-modern designs, along with the highest quality products and complete after-the-sale service.
Lifegear utilizies advanced technologies to design and develop our product lines.

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Our core values are to create innovative eco-friendly designs while offering outstanding service….all at affordable prices!

As a contractor or a real estate agent or a home owner, you know how important it is to build, sell or live in a home with a healthy environment.
That’s why at Lifegear we bring clean healthy air into your home….it’s what we do!

Let us help you create a comfortable and healthy environment in your next home with our Lifegear ventilation systems!

Beauty of industrial design

From the beginning of foundation, Lifegear develops from ventilation appliance to drop ceiling, try our best to be a “indoor environment ecologist”, to be more deeper, more delicate and more detailed is our faith as well as attitude. Each Lifegear designer is an unexhausted design disciple who demands every detail, and make beauty breakthrough of structure, function, appearance. Lifegear industrial design team do deep research of product, though the fashion is changing every day, the faith for beauty will never change.

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Beauty of products’ application

For design, we are accustomed to definite by style. Lifedesign’s drop ceiling will continue the “style” design, mix the eastern and western classical decoration factors and this design will play the classical style as Chinese, Europe, and Mediterranean, modern, American. All these show the version aesthetics from Lifegear whole house drop ceiling.



Perfect home version aesthetics

If the design beauty is the spirit, then the application aesthetics is the soul. From the new born baby to the old, form quiet usage experience to safety quality guarantee, Lifegear always stand on each family member’s point, invent “ecologic home” product. Lifegear creates the residential home experience which integrate warm bath, carefree light and clean breath for customers to enjoy smart life.

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