16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

“Cristina” furnaces for steam baths and saunas at Aquatherm Almaty 2016 Exhibition

“Cristina” high-class electric furnaces for steam baths and saunas manufactured by the Russian company “Polytech” appeared on Kazakhstan’s market.

“Cristina” electric heaters for steam baths are much stronger and more durable than ordinary wood heaters. They have the following advantages:
Furnaces are made of stainless steel, compact and have stylish, attractive design.

Extremely easy to use - just press the button on the remote control and the heater warms the sauna itself.

pechi kristina 14.04

Optimized not only for home steam baths, but also for large commercial saunas. Suitable for steam rooms of 6 to 30 m3.

These furnaces are totally fireproof as automatic disconnection of the heating elements is provided for in their design. With the convenient control system a steam room reaches the desired temperature in 30-60 minutes. Further, the heater maintains the temperature for several hours and turns off after six hours.

The stones are heated well and produce soft wet steam.

Another undeniable advantage of furnaces manufactured by “Polytech” including “Cristina” heaters is the presence of a number of hidden items (including proprietary), which can be found out directly from the manufacturer.

Due to these developments and innovations, with general similarities of different manufacturers’ furnaces, the furnaces for steam baths and saunas from “Polytech” far exceed domestic and foreign analogues by technical characteristics.

“Cristina” furnaces are for those who got used to comfort.

We invite You to visit the stand of “Buratino and K” LLP at  Aquatherm Almaty  2016 Exhibition on September 5 – 8, “Atakent” IEC, Pavilion 11 

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