16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Water heaters, gas boilers and wall-hung boilers at Aquatherm Almaty 2016 exhibition

At Aquatherm Almaty 2016 Exhibition Tatyana and Julia LLP will present the following products: “Mimaks” floor-standing gas boilers of Russian production (Taganrog), “Neva Lux” wall-hung gas boilers Russian production (Baltic Gas Company LLC), Vector Lux, Neva tankless gas water heaters of Russian production.

Vector Lux Tankless Gas Water Heater

JSD 20-2 series Vektor Lux ECO tankless gas water heater (calorifier) is designed for hot water supply to apartments, villas and cottages. It is able to effectively operate even at low water pressure.

Vector Lux 14.04

Neva Gas Water Heater

The most affordable small-sized, economy class calorifier. The device is fully automated and has an electronic ignition torch with batteries, a LCD display, a combustion chamber with water cooling, a built-in thermometer, which fixes the temperature of outlet water heating. The device is equipped with all modern systems.

Neva 14.04

Neva Lux Wall-Hung Gas Boiler

Double-loop or single-loop NEVA LUX wall-hung gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber is designed for hot water supply to houses, cottages, and as well as for providing individual heating and hot water supply to high-rise buildings.

Neva Lux 14.04

“Mimaks” Floor-Standing Heating Boilers

In the manufacture of automatic gas burner units high-quality and reliable components, produced by Italian firm Sit, are used.

The heating boilers manufactured by the company’s plant are equipped with heat exchangers, welded from steel sheets of 3 mm thick and have good heat transfer.

A complete set of high-quality gas burners can increase thermal efficiency to 87%. The use of modern insulating materials made it possible to reduce the boiler casing heating to 40-50°C. All heaters are designed for a service life of 15 years. KSG series gas boilers have power options from 7 to 40 kW, providing quality heating for 210-1200 square meter spaces. Depending on the capacity of boilers gas flow rate is 0.95-4.77 m³/hour, which is significantly less than the same parameter of other manufacturers’ boilers.
KSTG series multipurpose boilers can run on gas and on any type of solid fuel, and the design features of a firebox ensure long operation of a boiler with one batch of fuel.

Mimaks 14.04

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