16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

The company GRUNDFOS, an exhibitor at Aquatherm Almaty 2016 launched the production of ALPHA3 energy-efficient circulator pumps of a unique model

250216GRUNDFOS launched the production of ALPHA3 circulator pumps of a unique model. Due to the integrated data transfer function on mobile devices through the communication module ALPHA Reader, GRUNDFOS ALPHA3 ensures easy hydraulic balancing of two-pipe radiator heating systems in about one hour for a house of 200m2. In addition, the energy efficiency index of ALPHA3 is ⩽0,15, which makes it the most energy-efficient circulator pump among those of its class (1).

New ALPHA3 from GRUNDFOS makes you imagine balancing process of heating systems in a new way: the pump remotely transmits data about the parameters of work in mobile application Grundfos GO Balance, which then independently calculates the necessary parameters to adjust each radiator. This is a completely innovative approach to compulsory balancing process of heating systems, which enables every installer and even a house owner to organize it professionally. A well-balanced system allows you to save 7 to 20% on heating bills.

ALPHA Reader is a reader device and is available as an accessory to ALPHA3. Data is transmitted through an optical channel for subsequent sending to your phone or iPad. Then, with the help of Grundfos GO Balance applications an installer successively performs hydraulic balancing of radiator systems in four steps. The whole process takes only one hour for a house of 200 m2.

ALPHA3 pump is distinguished for its user-friendliness and economy modes. ALPHA3 analyzes operating conditions and automatically adjusts the output power, decreasing it to 3 watts at low flow rate, which enables to save electrical energy at 87% compared with ordinary pumps. Updated ALPHA-plug, auto-tuning function AUTOADAPT and an intuitive user interface make it easy to install and run the pump in any heating system.

Specifications and design features of GRUNDFOS ALPHA3 guarantee smooth operation of the equipment. Bearings and pump shaft are made of ceramic, which does not attract the scale of the pumped water. New reliable start-up enables literally “to shake” blockages formed in the period of inactivity. Protection for dry running with automatic reset prevents the operation of a pump without water. All this considerably extend the service life of equipment.


Official sales of Alpha3 pump on the territory of Central Asia will begin in the second half of 2016.

(1) - This conclusion was made based on the results of comparative product tests conducted by the independent organization VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies).

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