16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Reliable technical solutions in the field of water treatment and purification by Hsc Aritim

Today, more than ever before, water is under threat as a consequence of increasing urbanisation and industrialisation and the demands these place on this precious resource.

As our requirement for pure, clean water continues to spiral, Hsc Aritim is uniquely placed to meet this global challenge in 2000 in Istanbul / Turkey and already became one of the leader water treatment professionals in Turkey and around the World. We can provide cost effective and reliable engineering solutions to meet the needs.

Hsc Aritim is the exclusive distributor for Puricom-Taiwan, Vontron-China, Flotrol-China, Toray-Europe, HY-Tank-China, Aquafilter-Poland, Picogram-Korea and is the sales agent for Pentair-Europe, Clack-Usa, Canature-China, CNP-China, Omnipure-Usa, Nuert-Italy, Desotec-Belgium, Facot-Italy, Tankpac-Taiwan, Stormtec-Korea, G-Carbon-India, Mann-Hummel-Europe, Kemflo-Taiwan, Axeon-Usa.

From proven conventional treatment to high technology innovative processes which have been extensively researched, developed and tested, we design and supply quality treatment for all stages of the water production process.



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