16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

New products of Lemax at Aquatherm Almaty 2015, September 2-5

Trading company "Lemax" is pleased to offer its clients and partners a wide range of high-quality radiators; the company's product range covers all the diversity of modern heating appliances: floor-standing gas boilers with single and double circuits, instantaneous gas water heaters.

For the convenience of its clients, Lemax has developed a wide network of service centers (for both warranty and post-warranty service), including in the city of Almaty. This makes it possible to quickly respond to any issues that clients may face, and quickly correct problems arising in the gas heating and water heating equipment.

At Aqua-Therm Almaty exhibition to be held from 2nd to 5th of September, the company will introduce the following new products:

«Lemax» steel gas boilers of the «Gazovik» series



  • 2 mm high quality steel of the enhanced evenness by Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.
  • gas burning unit based on «SIT» gas valve and “POLIDORO” burner (Italy);
  • Simple construction;
  • Boiler’s comfortable exploitation and maitenence;
  • No need to plug the boiler into the electrical socket;
  • Both stylish and conservative design.

External fan «Lemax»


External fan «Lemax» are designed for combustion pressure venting using a forced method. This method allows using gas-fired boiler «Lemax» without specially organized natural draft flue.

External fan «Lemax» operate with single-circuit and double-circuit boilers «Lemax» of «Premium» NOVA and «Lider» series as well as other apparatus, where installed gas valve NOVA 820..

External fan «Lemax» are auxiliary equipment for gas boiler with power:

  • from 7,5 to 10 kW 100 mm in diameter;
  • from 12,5 to 16 kW 130 mm in diameter;
  • from 20 to 30 kW 130 mm in diameter;
  • from 35 to 40 kW 140mm in diameter.

Mobile wood stove «Lemax» the «Teplodom» and «Teplodom-С» series


Mobile wood stove «Lemax», the «Teplodom» series are convector heating units designed for cooking and convection heating of small premises. The «Teplodom» mobile series are intended for the regions with unstable gas and heating supply..

Mobile bathhouse wood stove «Lemax», the «Teplodom-C» series is the «Teplodom» wood stove modification. The series includes a special space for stones acting as an additional heat storage and providing required indoor temperature and humidity conditions (in a sweat bath).

  • 4 mm steel provides the longer-term service lifetime and protects from heat distortion at high temperatures.
  • The improved fire chamber design with separating metal plates contributes to the stiffness and extends a hot gas path.
  • The cooking surface is used for heating and cooking.
  • The ease transportation and installation.

At its booth, the Lemax staff will tell more about their products and services during the exhibition Aqua-Therm Almaty 2015, September 2-5, IEC "Atakent", Pavilion 11, stand 11-147

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