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Our own products include long-burning boilers with a power from 12 kW to 1 MW, gas floor-standing boilers with a power from 17 kW to 1 MW, solid fuel and gas sauna stoves, daily stoves. The company is also the official representative in the Republic of Kazakhstan of such brands as METALLIK&CO - chimney pipes and components, WaterFlow - pumps and pumping stations, KG Electronik - automation for boilers, KOSPEL - indirect heating boilers, MUST - uninterruptible power supplies, LD - shut-off valves. The company’s product range also includes gas wall-mounted boilers, inverters and batteries, and much more. The company has 3 large production workshops and a logistics center, as well as a large network of branches and dealer stores throughout Kazakhstan. It provides delivery throughout Kazakhstan, as well as to the CIS countries. There is flexible system of discounts for clients and installment plans through Kazakhstani banks.

1. GORNYAK boilers:

КСВМ - long-burning boilers with mechanical coal supply.
КСВА - long-burning boilers with automatic coal supply.
КОГ - single-circuit gas boilers, floor-mounted.

2. Shakhter household stoves.
3. GORNYAK sauna stoves.
4. WaterFlow pumps.
5. MUST by GORNYAK inverters (uninterruptible power supplies).
6. METALLIC & CO chimney pipes.
7. KG Elektronik automation for heating boilers.
8. KOSPEL indirect heating boiler
9. GORNYAK gel batteries.

1(1). GORNYAK boiler, КСВМ model, is a long-burning boiler with a power from 12 kW to 600 kW, made of 5 mm thick steel with water triangular grates and a water jacket around the entire perimeter of the boiler. The boiler kit includes Polish automatics, as well as an emergency valve and a thermomanometer. The warranty on the boiler is 5 years, on the automation is 2 years. The boilers have been produced in Kazakhstan for more than 15 years. Gornyak combine high performance and efficiency, providing reliable and comfortable heating.

1(2). GORNYAK boiler, КСВА model, - crew boilers with automatic coal supply with a power from 15 kW to 1,000 kW - this is a modern and effective solution for heating residential and industrial premises. Ignition once per heating season, continuous operation of the boiler for up to 7 days on one bunker load, efficiency is up to 90%, 5 mm steel, coal fraction from 5 to 50 mm, 5-year warranty, automatic complete with boiler. Gornyak boilers combine high performance and efficiency, providing reliable and comfortable heating.

1(3). GORNYAK gas boiler, КОГ model, - gas boilers with a power from 17 to 1,000 kW (and heated area up to 10,000 sq.m.). The boiler body is made of high-quality carbon steel with a thickness of 5 mm. The heat exchanger is made of Ду50 pipes with a thickness of 3.5 mm. Turbulizers made of 0.5 - 0.8 mm stainless steel are installed inside the heat exchanger body (they retard the flame to increase efficiency). All boilers have 40 mm thick thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is covered with a protective casing made of steel 0.8 mm thick. The boiler body is mounted on a 2 mm thick steel base, reinforced with profile pipes, which allows the boiler to be transported with a standard rack. The boiler is equipped with a blasting gas burner and automation manufactured in South Korea. The maximum efficiency is 91%, the burner operates on both natural and liquefied gas.

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2. SHAKHTER household stove is an excellent solution for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. A hot water boiler with a manual firebox for burning solid fuel is designed for heat supply systems for buildings and structures for various purposes up to 200 sq.m. The range includes models with a power from 5 to 20 kW, as well as variations with a water jacket on top or with the possibility of installing a cast iron plate. The SHAKHTER stove can operate with forced circulation of water at an excess operating pressure of up to 0.06 MPa (0.6 kgf/cm2) and a heating temperature of up to 950C. The boiler’s draft system is designed to naturally ensure fuel combustion.

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3. GORNYAK sauna stoves are designed taking into account maximum power and efficiency, the model range is capable of heating steam rooms from 18 to 24 cubic meters. With them you can quickly achieve the desired temperature inside steam rooms and enjoy bath procedures. Our stoves are made of steel with a thickness of 5.8 and 10 mm, and there are also models with a cast iron firebox; this material ensures a long service life for domestic and commercial purposes. The Gornyak sauna stove is an investment in your pleasure for many years.

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4. WaterFlow - three-speed circulation pumps for heating systems and heat-insulated floor. They have high corrosion resistance due to the cataphoresis coating of the working chamber, long service life and low energy consumption due to 100% copper motor winding.

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5. MUST by GORNYAK inverter - an autonomous inverter for small backup and autonomous power supply systems with a power of 300-1,000 W. Suitable for backup power supply of low-power loads: boiler automation, circulation pumps, etc. It combines the functions of a UPS, voltage converter and charger with the ability to automatically switch between mains and battery power modes, so your electrical equipment will continue to operate in the event of a power outage.

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6. METALLIK & CO - today we are the official distributor of the METALLIK & CO brand in Kazakhstan. Advantages of steel chimneys: corrosion resistance, resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations and winter cold, smooth wall surface (soot does not accumulate on them, and traction does not deteriorate over time), easy installation and calculations thanks to the use of individual metal modules, low weight of the structure, competitive price. We offer single-circuit and double-circuit sandwich pipes of AISI 304 grades with AISI 430 stainless steel or galvanized steel coat.

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7. KG Elektronik - automation for heating boilers of the KG Elektronik brand controls the operation of a modulated pressurizer fan and a central heating (CH) system pump. Using automation, the set temperature in the heating boiler is maintained. Thanks to this automation, you get comfortable heating while significantly saving your budget for fuel.

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8. KOSPEL - an indirect heating boiler - a type of water heating device that uses heat from an external source (for example, a heating boiler or solar collectors) to heat water inside an insulated tank. The principle of its operation is based on heat transfer through a heat exchanger: an external heat source, for example, hot water from a boiler circulates inside the coil and thereby heats the water in the tank.

Boileri kosvennogo nagreva Gorniak

9. GORNYAK gel battery - with a capacity of 80-150 A/h, this is a battery created using GEL technology, which gives one undeniable advantage over AGM - the batteries are not afraid of deep discharge and also function well in buffer and cyclic mode. Recommended for use in autonomous power supply systems, uninterruptible power supplies and telecommunications.

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A complete list of products and services can be found on the company’s official website, as well as detailed information on social networks.

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