16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment

Modern complex installation systems for water supply, heating and cooling

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The KAN Group, based in Bialystok, is a well-known and internationally recognized manufacturer of modern complex installation systems for water supply, heating and cooling under the brand name KAN-therm. Since its establishment in 1990, KAN has built its business on a solid foundation of professionalism, quality and innovative development strategy. The company currently employs over 1100 people, has a network of branches in Poland and a number of sales offices around the world. KAN-therm products are exported to 68 countries on different continents. The distribution network covers Europe, a significant part of Asia, Africa and America.

The Aquatherm Almaty 2024 exhibition will feature:

  • SYSTEM KAN-therm ultraLINE -  is an innovative and the only technical solution on the installation market, designed to make both standard internal heating and drinking water systems, as well as specialized piping installations such as compressed air. The system consists of three types of pipes (PEXC and PERT² pipes with EVOH layer in the range of diameters from 14 to 20mm, PERTAL² pipes with AL layer in the range of diameters from 14 to 32mm), two fitting types – PPSU and brass, one symmetrical sliding sleeve.

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  • SYSTEM KAN-therm ultraPRESS - complete installation system consisting of  polyethylene pipes with  aluminium layer, as well as PPSU or brass fittings. All fittings in the 16-32mm diameter range have an "LBP" (Leak Before Press) design - unpressed connections already start leaking during filling the installation with water (no need to generate pressure) – in accordance with the guidelines of the DVGW. The system is designed for indoor water supply installations (cold and hot tap water), central heating installations (or cooling installations), technological heating installations and industrial installations (e.g. compressed air).


  • SYSTEM KAN-therm PP is a complete installation system consisting of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene PP-R (type 3), a thermoplastic material, and offering a range of diameters of 16-110mm. SYSTEM KAN-therm PP is suitable for making indoor heating and cooling installations in single- and multi-family housings and public utility buildings. Total neutrality towards drinking water predisposes the system perfectly for use in indoor water supply systems.

KAN thermPP1

  • SYSTEM KAN-therm Steel (∅12-108 mm) is a complete installation system consisting of pipes and fittings made of high-grade zinc-plated carbon steel. The "Press" technology used in System KAN-therm Steel makes it possible to quickly make reliable joints by pressing the connectors with generally available crimping tools, eliminating the need to thread or weld individual system elements. SYSTEM KAN-therm Steel is used in multi-family housings and public buildings, to construct new, indoor heating installations. Its material specification and comprehensive range of products allow for performing complete, closed-circuit pressure installations (without the access of air to installation medium).


  • SYSTEM KAN-therm Inox (∅ 14-32 mm) is a complete installation system consisting of pipes and fittings made of high-grade stainless steel. KAN-therm Inox uses the "press" connection technology for quick and reliable installation, eliminating the welding or threading process. The system is is designed for constructing new, complete (risers and horizontal feeding pipes), indoor heating installations, as well as hot and cold tap water installations in multi-family housings.


  • Surface heating and cooling systems – the systems of low-temperature water surface heating and cooling (floor, wall or ceiling) make use of building partition surfaces as a source of heat or cold in rooms. KAN-therm surface heating and cooling systems provide a comprehensive range of products and devices used to construct low-temperature surface heating and cooling installations (floor, wall or ceiling): pipes, thermal insulation, manifolds, installation cabinets and control automatics. The optimal distribution of temperature in a room allows for a decrease in the air temperature, maintaining thermal comfort, which results in a decrease in the supplied thermal energy.

The range of systems – Rail, Tacker, TBS, Profil, Wall, NET, Football.

  • KAN SET software is a comprehensive tool to support the design process. The tool combines calculations of complex drinking water distribution networks, separate or combined heating and cooling systems and refrigeration systems in one project. The software has KAN-Set plug-in for Revit that allows to export only the installation sketch without recalculating the project.

Activities at the stand:

  • Pressure tests of KAN-therm ultraLINE and ultraPRESS pipes.
  • Training for the designers about KAN SET software.
  • Meetings with KAN-therm experts.
  • A practical training for installers – “Assembly of KAN-therm ultraLINE, KAN-therm ultraPRESS systems.


Company website: www.kan-therm.com

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kantherm.centralasia/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuFTlTuaPnJ6-FpVhXqVutw
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/kan-thermgroup/posts/?feedView=all&viewAsMember=true


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