16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment


100% Czech company KUBICEK VHS, s.r.o. was founded 30 years ago by Mr. Karel Kubíček in the Czech Republic.
We are the largest Czech manufacturer of blowers of our own design. We export to more than 60 countries around the world.
We also supply the FB 102 aeration membrane for aerating water in wastewater treatment plants.

Blower KUBICEK type roots
- use for positive and negative pressure
-consumed gas (including air) from 15 m3/hour for suction to 20,000 m3/hour.
overpressure / underpressure model
customer solution

soustroji rootsova dmychadla

Units containing ROOTs blowers from KUBÍČEK VHS are devices in which external compression of the gaseous medium takes place by means of two three-tooth rotors (rotary pistons). These are mounted longitudinally in parallel axes in the blower housing and rotate in the opposite direction. The movement of the rotary pistons causes the medium to be sucked on the suction side of the device, transported to the discharge point and compressed. The system is equipped with a synchronizing gear with ground bevel gearing, which ensures the accuracy and smoothness of rotation of the rotors. At the same time, it defines the clearance for non-contact rolling of the rotors, which thus does not need to be lubricated and therefore the medium cannot be contaminated with oil.

We currently produce 22 sizes of ROOTs blower units.

Aeration membrane FB102
Aeration membrane for aeration of wastewater in wastewater treatment plants

aeracni membrany

Company website www.kubicekvhs.cz

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 Detailed information about KUBICEK products will be available on September 7-9, Pavilion 11, stand 11-291

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