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Vlaga Pro LLC is an engineering company specializing in the production, design, supply, installation and service maintenance of humidification systems for residential and office premises.
Airwet is a trademark of equipment, a brand under which we produce and sell our humidification systems in the territory of the Customs Union. The brand owner is Vlaga Pro LLC (www.vlaga.pro). The company distributes products through a constantly expanding dealer network, as well as independently designs, sales, installs and maintains Airwet systems in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities.

The main thing that we would like to write in the “About the company” section is the Idea shared by all members of the team. The Idea of a rapidly advancing future that is changing the world around us. These changes are accelerating, and what shook the imagination yesterday is already becoming commonplace today, which we do not notice.

Part of this future is adiabatic air humidification technology. This technology is a key link, the basis for the occurrence of the Vlaga Pro company.

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The technology of adiabatic humidification has been known for a long time, it has found application in industry, used for optimization of the operation of mechanisms and technological processes in workshops and buildings for various purposes. But to normalize the living conditions of people, it began to be used quite recently.

It is natural for people to live in humid air, this is a normal environment in which all processes in the body proceed easily and quickly. There is much less dust and germs in the air. The interior lasts longer and looks better. Humid air is normal. It is not normal when it is dry.

System advantages:
• deep filtration;
• biological cleaning method;
• process automation;
• additional air conditioning and cooling;
• aesthetics (the main line is hidden under the facing);
• the possibility of integration into the “Smart House”;
• minimal maintenance;
• durability;
• high-quality components and materials (rare cases of breakdowns and defects);
• minimal breakdowns risks;
• availability of protection against leaks.

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Therefore, we are absolutely sure that the system we have created improves the quality of people’s lives, prolongs their lives and strengthens their health.
We guarantee that any system purchased from us or our dealers will work for many years. The materials and equipment required for installation will be delivered in a short time, and technical support will resolve all issues that arise during the creation of the project, installation and operation.

Website of the company: https://vlaga.pro
Instagram page: https://instagram.com/airwet.ru?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

You can obtain detailed information about the products from the specialists of Vlaga Pro LLC at the Aquatherm Almaty 2022 exhibition from September 7 to 9, Atakent, pavilion 11.

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