16th International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment


Bakytzhan Muratovich Zhunisbekov, Deputy Chairman, Committee for Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I welcome participants and guests of the 28th Kazakhstan International Building and Interior Exhibition - KazBuild 2022 and the 14th International Exhibition for Domestic and Industrial Heating, Water Supply, Sanitary, Air-Conditioning, Ventilation Equipment - Aquatherm Almaty 2022.

For the building community, the KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty exhibitions have long become a traditional place for meeting to get acquainted with domestic and foreign achievements in the field of urban planning and construction, building and finishing materials, as well as engineering equipment for buildings and structures.

Undoubtedly, the construction industry occupies one of the main positions in the structure of the economy of Kazakhstan and has a significant impact on its development. To date, a single construction portal “e-Qyrylys” has been introduced, which allows improving the quality of construction of buildings and structures.

I am convinced that the holding of exhibitions, a rich business program will contribute to the further development of the Kazakhstani market of building materials, the heating and ventilation, plumbing and sewerage sector and energy efficient solutions in today’s economic conditions.

I wish all participants, guests and organizers of the exhibitions new interesting meetings, productive decisions on the most difficult tasks facing the urban planning industry!


D. Akhmarov, Deputy Head of Almaty Department of Entrepreneurship and Investments

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Almaty City Akimat, represented by the Almaty Department of Entrepreneurship and Investment, sincerely greets participants and guests of the 14th International Exhibition of Household and Industrial Heating, Water supply, Sanitary, Air conditioning, Ventilation Equipment - Aquatherm Almaty 2022!

The construction industry in Kazakhstan continues to develop actively, occupying one of the leading places in the economic structure of our country. Fulfilling the tasks set by our Head of State to build a New Kazakhstan, special attention is paid to housing and utilities sector and the development of infrastructure projects, as well as socially significant facilities.

For fourteen years, the Aquatherm Almaty International Exhibition has become a key profile expo-event where domestic and foreign participants show the latest products and technologies, establish business communications with other market participants and government officials.

The exhibition enables Kazakhstani manufacturers to make their voice heard, attract new potential customers and learn from the world's leading experience, while international participants help to expand sales, enter our country’s promising market, and appreciate the active growth of the construction and HVAC industry in Kazakhstan.

I sincerely wish all participants and guests of the exhibition fruitful work, new promising contracts and long-term cooperation with new business partners!